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«Postnatal Pilates», new course from 4 March 2019

After the birth, it’s not just about finding your way around your new role as a woman and mother, but also about finding your way back to your own changed body. Pilates is perfect for rebalancing the body after birth. All information about our postnatal course can be found here.

NEW: Training on the «Balance Board»

From now on you can train with Nanea on the «Balance Board». No matter if you come for Pilates or Yoga – grab a board if you feel like it and off you go! The unstable “Balance Board” activates and trains the deep, stabilizing muscles even more intensively and provides improved joint stability, more body tension and a more upright posture. All information about the «Balance Board» can be found here.

«Pelvic floor workshop» for women, 13 April 2019

Surprisingly, many women do not know where their pelvic floor is – and above all not how to train it or relieve it in everyday life. In this workshop you will not only get to know the anatomy of the pelvic floor, but also many exercises and tips that you can immediately implement and integrate into your everyday life. An exciting workshop awaits you! You can find all information here.

«Ashtanga Yoga», Tuesdays, 7:15 am und Thursdays, 7:30 pm

Would you like to try «Ashtanga Yoga» for once? Or do you already know it and want to improve your yoga practice under expert guidance? Now twice a week you have the opportunity to practice this dynamic, powerful yoga method with us. You can find all information here. Secure your spot on the mat now.

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What could be better than starting the day with pilates or yoga to recharge your batteries? After an active day in nature or a hectic working day, unwind and relax?

No matter if you live in the Engadine or are here for the holidays: You are welcome at Nanea!

Come over and look forward to the good feeling after your training.

Lighten your heart & mind.

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