Nanea stands for contemporary pilates and other movement forms – young, fresh and personal.

Your body needs a mix of tension and relaxation so that you can walk through life in balance. Nanea wants to be just that for you: a place where you can move in a comfortable environment, but also relax and recharge your batteries.

The word Nanea is Hawaiian and means «wave». It’s not by chance that I just chose this word as the name of my movement studio. As powerful as a wave are also pilates movements.

Vibrant, strong and full of energy waves form the rock on shores or the sand on beaches. Do you remember your last vacation by the sea? To the sound of small, gentle waves, splashing gently and incessantly to the shore in the same rhythm, calming and relaxing you? A wave contains everything that makes up movement for me.

Nanea arised from a passion for Pilates and movement and a desire to share this passion with you!

The studio

Welcome to my boutique pilates studio in Celerina. You are about to enter a small oasis.

Inspired by the wonderful, imposing mountain scenery of the Upper Engadin with its warm, earthy colors, a very special place has emerged, which is impressive. The studio has become a bright, friendly space where movement is lived. Come along and become a part of Nanea!

Franziska Clavadätscher

Owner, Pilates trainer BGB, Specialist BirthCare BGB

I discovered my love for pilates about 15 years ago. To see how my posture, flexibility and my entire body consciousness changed positively through the regular training fascinated me. And so it was obvious that I trained myself to become a pilates trainer. Many hours of training, workshops and encounters with pilates enthusiastic people in Switzerland and abroad have accompanied me on my way ever since. My enthusiasm for pilates has grown steadily and above all I have got to know myself much better through pilates.

Over the years, other forms of movement have been added. Today, I want to share my knowledge with people who want to do something for themselves to stay healthy and flexible. The quality of movement is always in my focus.

I am delighted to sharing my passion for movement with you and getting you excited about it too!

In addition to my job as a pilates trainer, I am mother of a son and married. I live in St. Moritz with my husband and son.

My education and training career:

  • Coach Hypopressives Training, Level 1, by Körpergut
  • Kinetix Practitioner Mentorship Program, Kinetix Academy by Elisha Celeste, USA
  • Spinefitter by Sissel® Certified Instructor, Sissel Academy
  • Slings in Motion Teaching, Art of Motion
  • Slings Body Reading & Movement Strategies, Art of Motion
  • Slings in Motion I-III, Art of Motion
  • Slings Essentials, Art of Motion
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion, Art of Motion
  • Specialist BirthCare BGB, Berufsverband für Gesundheit und Bewegung Schweiz
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, USA
  • BLACKROLL® Trainer, BLACKROLL® Switzerland
  • Pilates Medical Aspects, Art of Motion
  • Pilates Body Reading, Art of Motion
  • Birth preparation and postnatal gymnastics, HWS Basel
  • Certified pelvic floor instructor, BeBo® Schweiz
  • Pilates Reformer Essentials, Art of Motion
  • «Bewegte Schwangerschaft» (prenatal pilates), Art of Motion
  • «Bewegte Rückbildung» (postnatal pilates), Art of Motion
  • Pilates Trainer Matwork, Bodymotion

Nanea is an active member of the «Berufsverband für Bewegung und Gesundheit Schweiz» as well as «Fitness-Guide» certified and thus recognised by the Swiss health insurances.